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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

What is air duct cleaning?

Air Duct Cleaning is the removal of dust, dirt and debris from your ductwork. Air Ducts are used by the HVAC system to supply conditioned air throughout the home. When ducts become contaminated with dust, mold, dirt, construction debris, bacteria, dust mites, soot, nicotine, pet dander and debris as a result of standard living, construction, renovations, pets, smoking, dead skin cells, etc., the system will not perform at peak levels.

The debris that gets into your ducting builds up over time. As air passes through your ductwork, it is circulating the debris to all areas of your home. The HVAC system is designed to change over the air in your home an average of 6 times per hour, therefore, all of the dust, mold, dirt, construction debris, bacteria, dust mites, soot, nicotine, pet dander and debris is being breathed in every 10 minutes! The buildup of dust and debris restricts the flow of air in your system which in turn increases the likelihood of a system breakdown and will also shorten its lifespan.

Do you need duct cleaning?

  • Have you recently bought a home or renovated your current one?
  • Do you smell a musty odor?
  • Do you dust daily?
  • Do you see visible mold or dust in your return registers?
  • Are you or a family member sick often?
  • Do you or a family member have asthma, COPD, or emphysema?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your home may be in need of Air Duct Cleaning.

Smoking cigarettes and pet dander are odors that linger in a house long after buying a home. Removing carpet and painting will only mask some of the odor. If the home has dust in the duct system, it will hold the odors and the only way to eliminate it is to clean the entire air duct system. We clean and treat odors from nicotine, pet dander, musty- dirty sock smell and numerous other odors. After cleaning, the team at Firelands Fresh Air Service will apply an anti-microbial to get rid of the odors once and for all!

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

How is dryer vent cleaning done?

Dryer vent cleaning is not only cleaning the vent but also the inside of the dryer.

Upon arrival, the technician will ask to have the dryer turned on. This will enable us to use an Anemometer to check the air flow prior to cleaning.

We then pull out the dryer, and remove the back panel. This allows us to vacuum all lint from the inside of the unit which is highly flammable. Re-assemble.

Using a vacuum and brushes or air whips, we start to clean the vent. Using inspection cameras, we are then able to see the inside of the vent to the dryer. Once it is cleaned, turn on dryer to check improvements on the Anemometer.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning
Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Do I need my dryer vent cleaned?

  • Does it take more than 1 cycle to dry your clothes?
  • Does your dryer feel hot when it is running?
  • Do you notice a buildup of lint in the laundry room?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might need your dryer vent cleaned.

What are the benefits of dryer vent cleaning?

If you need to run your dryer 2 times or more to dry your clothes, it means there is a build up of lint in the dryer exhaust vent.

At approximately 1/2 inch of lint inside of your vent will decrease dryer efficiency by up to 40%

Furthermore, built up lint increases back pressure on the dryer, it not only consumes more energy to dry, but it also lessens the lifespan of it. The lint build up inside of the dryer is where it is dangerous! The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that dryers and washing machines cause an average of 15,970 fires each year, with dryers causing 92% of them and an average of $200 million in property damage.

The leading items first ignited in clothes dryer fires were dust, fiber, or lint (27%) and clothing (26%).

In washing machine fires, the leading items first ignited were electrical wire or cable insulation (26%) and appliance housing or casing (24%).

Most of these home fires involved clothes dryers (92%).


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